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Central Kitchens: Foodservice Operator & Retail Usage (2017) Central Kitchens: Foodservice Operator & Retail Usage (2017)

Central kitchens have become a critical link in the foodservice supply and value chains. Retailers have considered prepared foods a priority because of traffic and margin increases. As recently as 2012, retailers such as Target, CVS and Walgreens also have made a steady push into the prepared foods segment, as time-starved, quality-seeking consumers shy away from costlier restaurant meals. Additionally, certain QSRs, particularly coffeehouses, and some noncommercial operators rely on central kitchens.

Foodservice IP has developed a study to inform food industry suppliers of this increasingly important supply-chain component. A total of 250 operators using central kitchens (third-party and company owned) were interviewed for this report.

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Millennial, Gen X & Boomer Chefs (2016) Millennial, Gen X & Boomer Chefs (2016)

Millennial chefs are rising stars in the foodservice landscape, poised to become the sole menu and purchasing decision-makers in the next 5-10 years. Are you prepared for this shift? Foodservice IP’s landmark study, Understanding and Selling to Millennial Chefs, uncovers the preferences and practices of this influential generation to help manufacturers and suppliers develop marketing strategies to attract younger chefs.

In August, 2016, Foodservice IP conducted 300 in-depth interviews with millennial chefs working in a variety of settings: full service restaurants (top 500 restaurant chains, top high-volume independents), food trucks and select noncommercial venues. Findings are based on a responses to both quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (open-ended) questions. Also, Gen X and Boomer chefs were also interviewed for balance and comparisons.

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Top 50 Central Kitchens (2017) Top 50 Central Kitchens (2017)

Central kitchens serving the foodservice industry are a moving target. While there are major firms that provide prepared foods to QSR retailers, the majority of these businesses are independently-owned and employ fewer than 20 staff members. The list that is included in the report have been fully vetted and identified by Foodservice IP (FSIP) consultants. Any research or marketing professional that has attempted to compile a list of central kitchens/commissaries has likely found that no amount of secondary research or data mining provides an accurate or robust listing.

FSIP’s list of more than 50 onsite and offsite central kitchens includes the following detail so that purchasers can make informed and strategic decisions. A sample of one of the profiles is shown below.

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What's New & Next: Opportunities in Emerging Foodservice Segments What's New & Next: Opportunities in Emerging Foodservice Segments

The foodservice landscape is in constant flux. Food halls, meal kits, food trucks and ghost or delivery-only restaurants continue to evolve and impact the business environment. This joint assignment with IFMA, designed to keep food companies at the forefront of innovation, taps the pulse of consumer experiences and expectations around the non-traditional operator marketplace.

Report Objectives
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment for this under-the-radar segment
  • Uncover and better understand user expectations
  • Help food companies identify, target, and sell products to these unique operations
  • Spotlight a new growth avenue outside of traditional supply-chain channels
  • Inform strategic investment decisions to help food companies gain a “first-mover” advantage

Report Deliverables
  • Sales guide with contact information for 30 prospects to jump-start efforts
  • Expert analysis and implications that answer your most pressing questions
  • In-depth Power Point report
  • Complimentary webinar and one-hour work-session with Q&A
  • Detailed scorecard for evaluating and prioritizing segment penetration
  • Foodservice IP’s proprietary roadmap for strategic investments over the next 12 – 18 months
  • Upgrade your purchase with custom infographics and charts in your firm’s branding for a nominal fee

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