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College & University Foodservice Opportunities (2017)

College & University Foodservice Opportunities (2017)

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Foodservice in colleges/universities is poised for evolution amid enrollment declines, warranting a new look at the segment. It’s known that older students represent the bulk of this drop, but it is important to understand more deeply how this trend is impacting foodservice in these institutions. For suppliers, this foodservice segment offers many attractive features. First, the total C/U foodservice market is estimated to have reached $7.2 billion in food, beverage and non-food purchases in 2016. Secondly, this segment has experienced strong growth over the past decade, largely surpassing industry averages and growth for the segment is expected to outpace the industry. And finally, “consumers” in C/U have a strong preference for brand names.

750 heavy to moderate users of C/U foodservice venues were interviewed in June 2017.

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